Enter into your projects, your designs and your visions.  Feel them, understand them completely, in order to transform your ideas and imagination into something everyone can see.  This is what we do every day through skill, passion and experience.

This is the founding idea of ORAMA, coming from the creative minds of architects Sandro Piacentini and Mara Gobbi. The goal is to use new technologies to accompany our clients beyond the limits of reality, improving and increasing their productivity. We are a close-knit team of professionals, specialized in graphics and new technologies, that are applied to architecture, design and art.

3D Scan

Laser scanner technology makes the scanning process easier, faster and more accurate.

Reverse Engineering

Start from a cloud of points acquired with 3D laser scanner technology to duplicate an object or redesign it.

Render 3D

Versatile, innovative and impeccable solutions in the execution created to enhance any product and location.

Immersive Reality

It will be possible to create new environments and live an immersive experience before it is realized.

Tell us about your needs and find the best solution together