Immersive Reality

Enter a space that does not yet exist, or that exists thousands of kilometers away. See and perceive, how it is to really be there. This is what  IMMERSIVE REALITY of ORAMA offers.

What it is and how it works

Starting from a project, the goal is to create virtual spaces through processors and software in which it is possible to operate, enter and move around in 360 degrees with a perception of absolute reality, interacting with the space

Application sectors

In the field of Architecture and Design, immersive reality allows you to transport a client within the design studies. Whether it’s a yacht or a resort, a residence or a museum, it allows you to see the spaces and evaluate stylistic and functional choices.
In the field of tourism, immersive reality is used to offer extremely effective “travel previews”, applicable to both the end user and tour operators.
In the world of Education and Cultural Heritage it represents the new frontier of Experiential Learning: engaging and interactive it’s the perfect way to teach while having fun, reconstructing historical periods, archaeological parks and scientific universes.

Finally, the fun and recreational aspect of this technology makes it an excellent entertainment tool for events, exhibitions and presentations.

Emotionally engaging and persuasive, it is extremely effective from an illustrative / demonstrative point of view and is able to help the client in decisions thanks to the ability to give substance to an idea.

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