3D Scan

3D SCAN by ORAMA is a service that allows you to digitally purchase three-dimensional shapes of objects, furnishings, and architecture, in a very short period of time, accurately and in high resolution. With a 3D scan we can detect any shape in just a few minutes, obtaining a mathematical and design representation.

With a specific CAD program we carry out a dimensional check and modulate the shape according to the customer’s needs. We offer different types of scanners according to the type of scan desired.

The obtained polygonal mesh is nothing more than a set of points that, connected to each other, define the three-dimensional structure of the object and therefore the resulting 3D model.

Libraries and 3D Prints, Photorealistic Rendering and Reverse Engineering are the main uses with which to use 3D scanning.

Why choose our service?

Speed: very short acquisition times of the models thanks to advanced 3D scanners, realization of estimates and delivery of requested files.
Accuracy: scan over 30 microns of accuracy.
Flexibility: scanning done directly in your home without having to move the objects to be scanned.
Color: on request 3D scans with textures.
Experience: highly qualified staff and advanced equipment.
We offer a 3D modeling service for point clouds, meshes or CAD models.
Through our 3D Software, we can convert 3D scans into optimized meshes, but also extract from the mesh accurate CAD surfaces, exportable directly using the native format to the most widespread CAD systems, with excellent quality and in a very short time.
Two significant 3D scanning applications are 3D modeling and environmental scans.

3D modeling

Concept design, freeform modeling, photorealistic rendering, these are just some of the possible solutions we can offer through our 3D Modeling Service (in the form of point clouds, meshes or CAD models).

Application sectors:
Interior Design and Architecture
Art and jewelry
Automotive and Yacht
Prototypes and molds

Environmental scans

Scans of interior and exterior areas of any type with 3D laser scanners and integrated photographic scans are some possible applications in the architectural field.
The added value is perceived above all in the context of international orders that require data archives, high precision with elimination of human error, speed of acquisition of large areas and volumes and the need of very few staff.

Tell us about your needs and find the best solution together